The more we move, the more we can.

photo by Paula Johnston at American River Confluence, Auburn CA

WELCOME to feeling GREAT !

Since 2008, our constant at Auburn Yoga Studio is to improve your physical and mental wellness while enjoying camaraderie and encouragement. All combined, the nourishing and healing powers begin.

Our offerings are: 

Restorative yoga

Yoga 101 

Intermediate Yoga Medley

Splendid Stretch

Senior’s Stretch 

Senior’s Strength

Gentle Yoga & Stretch

(plus Private classes and private parties)

ZOOM-Online classes available. See schedule

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What's new?

Senior's Stretch

Yoga 101 Wednesdays 11:00am (in-Studio)

Gwenn’s  Yoga 101 Basics class is geared to a very gentle/basic practice for those wanting better strength and mobility. Some folks never leave!  Book Online.

Friday's Splendid Stretch 10:00am (in-Studio)

A favorite here, restore your mind and body to calm while rekindling muscle pliability. Vibrant is how you’ll leave. All levels. Book Online.

Yin-Restorative Yoga Thursdays 11:00am (in-Studio)

Not-to-be-missed.  Susan’s restorative yoga class never disappoints. In a word, AMAZING. First-timers, please  CALL SUSAN: 530.878.7065 to ensure class is not full.

ZOOM classes

ZOOM-Online classes are instructed by Susan Hayes Mon-Wed-Fri. at 11AM. See our schedule or information page for details.